Despite a change in structure, we are more passionate than ever about promoting local produce and people through our oyster experience. We are delighted to be able to offer private and corporate booking packages!

We can travel all over Northern Ireland to deliver the experience and have some shucking good craic!

The staff have undergone Covid-19 training to ensure we are up to date on protecting our staff and customers.

Bookings include:

  • All equipment: Shucking knives, gloves, boards, serving trays, ice and shell buckets.

  • Condiments: A range of local and international accompaniments for your oysters. (We can also cater to specific requests)

  • Shucking Demonstration and Talk: An interactive talk about the history of our oysters, the history of oyster eating culture in Belfast, fables and tales, and plenty of banter.

  • Oysters: Of Course! Each book includes 10-12 oysters per person of the highest quality Oysters available in Northern Ireland.

Optional Drink Pairings:

These are optional but highly advisable. Our host will guide your through each drink and why it pairs so well with the oysters. These will match our recommended oyster servings. Drink pairings include:

  • Zinc and Drink (Oysters and Local Gins)

  • Pearl Dram (Oysters and Whiskey- Irish Whiskey and Scotch)

  • Classic Belfast Oyster Experience: Oysters and Stout (Guinness, local craft stouts)

  • Sparkling Combination: Champagne (recommended) or Prosecco and Oysters.

  • Wine and Brine: Oyster and Wine Pairing.

Minimum Booking Cost £300. 

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